Welcome to the Willow Bow Ranch, Riverton, WY


Man is the only animal who makes tools. He is also the only animal that is totally dependent upon tools for his survival. The knife is the one basic tool mandatory for survival. A knife in the hands of man is capable of making other tools, shelter, clothing and putting food on the table.

To my way of thinking, the perfect knife can only be achieved through a delicate and absolute conspiracy among all aspects of that knife being totally dedicated to function, a knife that is kind and safe to the hand that holds her, as well as up the challenges she may face.

 My goal as a knifemaker is to develop practical, thoroughly field tested knives that will prove to be a truly high performance blade for the individual who loves nature, a knife that you count on when you absolutely need a knife. A knife that can cut with the best and will not let you down when the going gets tough, It doesn't take but a second to turn nice day into challenge for survival, I devote my knife making skills produce knives that will meet challenge.

 My unconditional dedication to function also provides the kind of knife that you can simply have fun with and enjoy during the good times. I strive to provide blades whose designs are based in reality, supported by realistic testing and all the skill at my command. I take no short cuts, and do all in my power to make an absolutely user friendly dependable knife and companion for those who can appreciate or actually need a high performance knife at their side A knife that is a functionally balanced, high performance cutting instrument, that while it cuts can also be sharpened easily in the field or at home. Every aspect of my knives is dedicated to function. 


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